Thursday, October 28, 2010


In brief, this site provides to links to articles and resources endorsed and published by the Evertsens' Minutemen Midwest:
1. Promoting a "blood and soil, kith and kin" definition of nationality based on Nazi philosophy. This article must be read to be believed:

2. Attacking "Legal" as well as "illegal" immigration, especially "third world" immigration. Makes claims that "third world immigrants can never assimilate." Previous link

3. Attacking people based on race, including referring to Obama as a "half-breed."

Note, this page makes the unusual claim that the MMMW author has done considerable research into racial identity. Much of this language can be found on a similar thread on teh Stormfront forum by searching quotes. This is cause to worry, as:

4. The top of these MMMW pages endorses a radio show called "THe Angry White Male Radio Hour: Perspectives on our Culture and Heritage" which has featured "Out" Stormfront member James Edwards. James Edwards and Rick Biesada have also been involved in MMMW events.

5. MMMW frequently links to 911 conspiracy theories implicating the Bush admin and implying Israeli or Jewish involvement: (Linked from:

6. Leader Diane Evertsen has published numerous statements that go beyond the issue of immigration to attack Mexican culture, such as  references to "the Mexican brain-drain populous," the middle finger being "the Mexican salute to Americans," the "four letter Mexican word f**k, etc. This article also proudly notes voter intimidation tactics, such as taking pictures of Mexicans (presumably legal) who were registering to vote.

7. Published at least one article by a known holocaust denier whom they refer to as their "good friend..."

I could go on and on, the MMMW website is a clearing house for conspiracy theories and hate.

All of this is very timely and important as the Evertsens have been active organizers of Tea Party events often featuring hate groups. Evert is listed as a state contact person for some tea party groups and has been quoted as a tea party representative in some state media accounts.

When their role as leaders of the MMMW became public, the website was immediately removed by changing their personal user settings (as can be confirmed by the google error message.) It's important to document their involvement in hate while the materials are still available.

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