Monday, October 25, 2010

Diane Evertsen's leadership of the Minutemen Midwest

Those who only know Diane from her campaign literature would be surprised to learn of her long time leadership of the Minutemen Midwest, a group listed as a Nativist Extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, for publishing materials such as those above.

Although it's clear that the leadership of the Minutemen Midwest has been a major part of her life, it is not even mentioned on her candidate website.

However, one has no problem in finding Diane's listed as President of the Minutemen Midwest, from 2006-present.

Here is just one such listing (in this case, from Ifire, another group Diane is affiliated with) taken from a quick Google search.

The website is registered to the Evertsen's address and Evert Evertsen is listed as the Administrative and Technical contact, giving the Evertsen's personal control and responsibility over what is published.

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