Thursday, October 21, 2010

Research Tools for Viewing the Minutemen Midwest Page

In January of 2010, after Diane Evertsen's leadership role with the Minutemen Midwest was disclosed at a pubic forum at Mchenry County College, the MMMW website went down due to a change to the user security settings. ( I will post later about the controversy about HOW this website went down, as Diane's supporters on the Northwest Herald blog initially alleged it was due to "hacker" activity, but it was actually change made by the user, as can be seen from the "error message.")

However, we should all know by now that when you post something on the internet, it will be there forever and a day. Here are some tools that will allow you to do your own research on the Minutemen Midwest, view the pages that were hosted there until January 2010, and draw your own conclusions.

Wayback Machine:

This is a nice index page, as published publicly by the Evertsens. Some of the links will work, and some will not.

Wayback Index:*/ Index of some MMMW pages archived by Wayback.

Gigablast search for cached MMMW pages.

Make sure you also check out her candidate page to get a complete picture of this candidate.

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